Clowns in Private Life

It's been a  while.

I have been struggling with the story of the Nazi detective. So far I have made three starts, and managed a total of around 8,000 words. I have a notebook full of a notes, and another just started. My reading list grows, having waded through six books of German history for background, and countless blogs and PDFs in search of technical details on uniforms, ranks, procedures etc.

The problem is, what is it I want to do?

Do I want to write a novel or a series of short stories?

And when do I want it to start?

Of course the real hurdle is that I am failing the PG Wodehouse test of sitting bum on seat and writing. Preferring the bidjing writing method of just checking that street map again, or rereading that article by Marx from 1847, or one hundred and one other ways of avoiding finding out what I want to say by the writing, and worrying about what I want to say.

And I haven't been writing any poetry either.

Still yesterday I scribbled a bit....

Armley Gyratory system
but finding
hold ups
by the
Polish War Memorial
led to
rush hour cancellations

A nice bit of punning on the theme of the perils of transgendered dating.

 And so, I guess I shall just have to take the plunge, plant my backside firmly in the chair and get on with it.