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to the lighthouse

in the background the missus is watching one of her shows about vampire alien *CHECK YOURSELF FOR COLON CANCER* hunters in search of the secrets of the anunnaki on rocket powered segways controlled by the third eye

while I once more am drawn to the sea

its probably best if I *DRIVE BMW* wait until she goes to work because the tinkles of the actors brain cells as they work out in seconds what the most powerful computer *DRIVE BMW* takes years to calculate is bugging me

standing on the headland
feeling suicidal

no its not working *EAT KALE* damned television

o sea of memory
wash over me
let me be free

well there is no need to be rude I was only asking you to *DRINK COKE* turn it down a little its got to the good bit apparently they've just *DRINK COKE* found out that ra is having an affair with *DRINK COKE* george washington's niece and that the liberty bell was a wedding gift that got irradiated and now is the centre of a worldwide conspiracy to undermine the freemasons and bring down the sheriff of nottingham who is currently disguised *spoiler *DRINK COKE* alert* and I only know this because someone in finland has somehow got hold of an advanced copy and spilled the beans on the forum well not literally *DRINK COKE* spilled the beans metaphorically *DRINK COKE* spilled the beans as it would be absurd to suggest that beans other than in a jpeg could be spilled on the internet unless perhaps no I'm thinking *DRINK COKE* about this too much so yes dear I will type more quietly I know it is annoying whats ru paul doing in this show oh youve switched over

through funnels carved by the ages
white horses thrash the cliffs
their hooves beat and scramble
for one brief chance to evolve
and breath

though what bugs *STOP LISTENING TO PODCASTS* me more is that for all the hype about the internet of things and robots taking over the world the reality is that computers are incredibly dumb at the most basic things like oh I don't know reading long sentences *STOP LISTENING TO PODCASTS* without punctuation and then hopping on one leg before driving to Tulsa for a milk shake and a fight you tell a computer to *STOP LISTENING TO PODCASTS* perform that sequence of the most basic and normal actions and it will not have a clue or it will perform each one in turn and then act *STOP LISTENING TO PODCASTS* *STOP LISTENING TO PODCASTS* completely irrationally by actually driving to Tulsa when even an ant knows that there is no point in reading a really long sentence with no punctuation because a cupboard door needs closing or your leg itches or your 3rd footman *STOP LISTENING TO PODCASTS* needs a jolly good telling off if not a horse whipping for being rude to the prime minister of Malawi at the reception you held in the ballroom last week

shes *BE A WINNER WATCH TV*gone out now

so once more to the lighthouse