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I am a little alarmed by the two shots of hazelnut syrup
   he has a jaunty spring today

'how's elliott' I ask, lifting chocolate powder
   from the froth of my cappuccino
   with the back of my spoon
alls well with elliott I hear
   and with shiela
he points and states that the world is as sunny
   as the day is overcast
   pleased with the double negative
     he sucks sugared coffee from the biscotti
     testing his denture against the hardness

elliott is great he adds
he has no issue with elliott


     what do I think of americans
         and more specifically strumbert and weiss
nine peacocks fly past burtons
         the grammarians
fifteen peacocks float on silk cushions
              you know who I mean
one lone butterfly scimitars an ant by the drain
               the language police which dislike star trek and passivity
                   I refuse to name them
don't give them house room
    coldly grate them

'have you tried just writing'

but the english degree of a certain age has him by the throat

muffled in is black woolen coat
    with his red brick scarf
I watch his eyes whirl with syrup
    and maybe a touch of shiela

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