THe Battle of Britain Begins

We shall fight them in the airing cupboard, under the stairs, and in that weird alcove that used to house a mangle
That should get around the censorship…. Doh!

Remain Behind Glass Citizen, Vitamin D Will Be Delivered Via The Smart Phone App
Welcome to the medical police state.
This evening Boris Johnson appeared on the news-screen to inform the nation that a note had been delivered to Papa Nurgle’s ambassador, informing her that unless she undertook to stop spreading the zombie plaguesomethingsomething…. something…. no such assurance was received, and that consequently ‘Our’ NHS is at war with the virus (which cannot be named for reasons of censorship)….
You are free to die of ‘it’… just don’t talk about ‘it’…. it will spoil the heroic narrative being rolled out worldwide….
Being a patriotic humble satyr, my boots were half laced, to get down the recruiting office, in answer Matt Hancock’s call for volunteers: when it became apparent that my efforts were needed on the home front. For all loyal Briton’s are required, after donning their emergency hazmat John Bull costume, to entrench themselves within their place of residence and remain one barge pole length from all other persons for three weeks.
There was something about it all being over by Christmasor maybe there wasn’t… because it was difficult to hear what Mr Johnson was saying, for at that moment Vera Lynn was singing the White Cliffs of Dover on the gramophone, the missus was busy nailing carbolic soaked blankets to the window frames and I was trying to clean red enamel paint from my naked body after my disastrous bath….
These new regulations are going to be very bad news for doggers though.
As people will no longer be able to congregate in groups of more than two (excluding one’s immediate household). Playgrounds are to be closed, though parks will remain open for the purpose of exercise. People will be allowed to go shopping for food and medicine. Oh, and the police will have the power to fine people caught outside without a good reason.
And just like that, we have entered the world of the Green New Deal. And no doubt there will soon be deer roaming the streets, and every Green addled nutcase will be saying how lovely it is, as foxes run riot mugging moped delivery riders depriving some old biddy of their Woolton kebab.
True it had been coming… (links)…
Of course there are those who object, claiming that this is the end of civilization as we knew it. And, it probably is.
btw… can we stop with the nonsense of saying ‘our’ NHS… everyone knows that since Brown and Blair sold it off, via PFI, the government has very little control of what it does or how it runs.


Coronavirus Misinformation

If you believe the latest figures with regard to Coronavirus: the rate of new infections and related deaths is falling. Which on the face of it would suggest the crisis has peaked.
But frankly it is a big ‘if’, when the message from the other side of the same mouth is the new ‘normal’ that you must not believe fake information, and you must only believe reputable sources.
However, being a humble satyr, it should be pointed out these same ‘voices of truth’, are the same voices pushing the nonsense about ‘anti-Chinese racism’, and just wash your hands, and don’t worry about the plastic tat from China you bought your kids for Christmas (make a mental note of the date December 8th).
In addition to only believing ‘official news, the ‘official voicewants you to lick your i-Phone, making sure you get into every nook and cranny with your tongue, and don’t worry because the virus only lasts two hours outside of the body…. stoopid Chinese
As a humble satyr, who cares little for you mere mortals, with your media Gods and your pride; to see the humble Pangolin reduced to the status of an escaped goat is most amusing. It is almost like you aren’t listening. How dare you think you can escape the clutches of the death cult.
Good… hopefully by now… you will accept this is not ‘official’ news. Which means, we dear reader can share information… of a must scurrilous, and impertinent kind…. Like how China is really dealing with this outbreak of… ermflu….
Before that, two things need to be understood. The first is the links provided are contemporary (i.e. new, except for when they are not). The second is that some of the links will be dead, because for whatever reasonsomeone’ doesn’t want you to see them. For instance videos of the dead inside houses, or apartment blocks, when the ‘clean up’ teams go in.
Excuse the disclaimer, but apparently some folks get alarmed that they are required to think about things they read (preferring the lecture and regurgitate method of discourse), and don’t like it when a humble satyr mixes in jokes (without holding up a clapper board), and something else they complain about… erm meh who cares…. they’ve already stopped reading; and are frantically tippy tapping to voice their ‘displeasure’ that they were not warned of satyrical playfulness
Ah here it is… according to…. oh, another dead link eh? Well that is annoying. And now we won’t know if the Chinese Supreme Court has allowed the killing of 20,000 patients…. hummmm… oh well we shall just have to see if they revise the figures to bring them into line with the ‘conspiracy theory’ from Taiwan News…. or bother to record them at all….
Let’s see if this link is still working… (you’ll need to run it through google translate)… it’s the regulations for the Liaoning lockdown. As of yesterday, the entire province of Liaoning, some 43 million people, were required to disinfect all areas at least twice a day, not hoard food, report strangers, not have relatives stay in their house, report the infected, and to spend 14 days in quarantine if they leave their village or city block, etc…
Which should give you an idea of what life is like for some 400 million people (some say 140 million) at this present moment….
Oh yes… and you remember the fires in Wuhan…. and people were wondering …. were they burning bodies in the streets? … were people rebelling? … were they burning down infected houses? ….
Well… it seems, the authorities are moving in to clear out people and send them into quarantine. Is this a petrol bomb being thrown? I would hope not, it hardly seems comradely to moi….
But don’t worry… everything is under control
And not to wishing to make anyone cack themself… but speaking to someone who works in this field, they are working on the assumption (and planning on that basis) that 1 in 33 people in Wuhan have the disease (Lung Herpes).

Coronavirus Conspiracy Theories

Yesterday, the Taiwan News had a story that suggested the number of those infected and dying of Coronovirus was higher than reported: the recovery rate was lower: and by implication WHO and the Chinese were being less than honest.
So cue the Daily Mail, who valiantly stepped in to dispel this ‘conspiracy theory’.

Chinese Proverb: Wash Hands Before Climbing Stairs
For as we know, Hong Kong Fluey — a.k.a 2019-nCoV — is nothing to worry about. Why it is no worse than the flu (which kills 10,000 Americans every year, don’t you know) (have you had your flu shot?). The problem with the Mail article is that it raises more questions than it answers.
Rather than get into the whole, “oh yeah well why are the Chinese authorities doing this…?” Let us assume, in order to ‘own the anti-vaxxers’, that indeed common or garden flu is the more serious threat.
According to Wikipedia (which is never wrong) the population of Wuhan is 11 million people. So let’s assume Coronavirus is just another strain of seasonal fluand making allowance for the population dying of other things, and being ill for other reasons1% of 11 million is 110,000 (or so my calculator says).
Or four times the disputed figure of 24,589… taken from the ‘screenshot’ to build the ‘conspiracy theory’ around the figures shown on the Tencent website, five days ago.
So don’t worry it’s just (weak) flu
And I for one fully support of the King of Morocco and the Moroccan authorities, who have jailed a woman for spreading the alarming news that staff at the Great Wall restaurant in Fez were wearing face masks. Apparently, the manager had a cold. And, as a further way of saying ‘Pork Balls’ to this racist stereotyping the manager is going to sue her.
Oh no’… you say… the 1% figure is for the total flu season, and according to current projections the outbreak has not yet peaked. And therefore the 24,589 figure could be (about) incorrect, even if could appear reasonable given a population figure of 11 million. Yeah, well, you are part of the problem. The real figure is 560 alright. Are you a doctor? No? Then shut up slave.
Speaking of medical staff, and why all this protective gear and face mask (irony alert) stuff is a scam, Caixin Global reports two thirds of staff at some hospitals are infected. Also according to the article
Of course if you have a sniffle (or don’t want one)… and the right wing doommongers on the internet have got you jumpy, with all this… erm… flu…nonsense, you can always check in at a quarantine station…. if they will have you…
Though maybe there is good reason to be jitty if these figures are correct: from Guangwan Community, in the Qingshan District, Wuhan. Which apparently show a 43% fatality rateobviously optimists will point out that this is significantly lower than the 100% fatality rate associated with being alive….
Speaking of the would be lizard-king, I notice Prince Charles has appointed Katy Perry (yeah I don’t know who she is either) as an ambassador for the British Asian Trust. As if the Chinese are not suffering enough, Ms Perry took the opportunity to send them a message.
Now, you might think, ‘Oh Gawd not another celeb lecturing people.’ But it is actually quite a good business move on Ms Perry’s part. Because it turns out children are less susceptible to the… erm… flu… and her young fans are excited for entertainment.
Should it be the case that children are more likely to survive, this is clearly good news for eugenicist and misanthrope Greta Thunberg: and no doubt the rest of her death cult. Though sadly for them the outbreak of… erm… flu… has caused delays in the roll-out of the new Nintendo Switch.
Another scientist has popped his clogs. Peter Salama died on 23rd Jan…. heart attack, they say….
Remember what Dr Peter Horby said, about the fatality rate could be as high as 2%. Well the reason for that is it was the fatality rate of Spanish flu.
Either this illness is subject to central planning, or something else is going on… regardless, for the past week the death rate has been rigidly 0.1% worse than Spanish flu.

Report Says Thousands Killed By Coronavirus in China

According to Taiwan News the actual number of deaths in China from Coronavirus is 24,589.

But don’t panic, because the main concern elsewhere is not people welded into their houses, or being escorted by police through the streets in chains, or even the banning of all public gatherings: no… and nor is it being dragged out of your home to be shipped off for quarantine
No, the main priority is what to call this…. erm… ‘flu’… as the current official nom de guerre is 2019-nCoV; which isn’t as catchy as Black Death.
I would suggest Hong Kong Fluey… but apparently that sort of thing is frowned upon these days. In fact ‘racism is the real virus(if you believe idiots). #ImNotAVirus is a thing. And, is as pointless as the accompanying street art, stupidjokes’ and spurious ‘hate crimes’.
Never one to miss the chance to leap on his sanctimonious horse, (one time journalist), John Pilger in the space of three days has gone from bleating about racism to demanding ‘the westsend help. Which is a bit rich, seeing as the official death toll is 494, everything is under control, and it has clearly escaped his virtue signaling range that aid is being sent.
Oddly it is the be nice brigade, in addition to their ‘racism purity testing’ who also tend to be the type to say shit like, ‘it’s just flu’… or ‘flu is more dangerous’. And indeed Mr Pilger (without irony) is one such… (and say a prayer for the girl in the link).
Well forgive me, and I am no expert, but I don’t recall the council hiring cement mixers to spray ‘Lysol’ everywhere the last time there was a flu outbreak. And again I’m no expert, but is flu something mothers pass to babies? Maybe it is and midwives just don’t bother to mention it… however two weeks ago (when this was nothing to worry about) Mike Graham on LBC, spoke to a chap in Wuhan who said that pregnant women were being advised to have an abortion. Which is all perfectly normal in cases of flu… I suppose….
As for who is to blame…
The Russians say it is a planned attack on the Chinese. And Russian scientists are saying it was the Americans. Bloomberg and Alex Jones are blaming the Chinese… Baba Vanga (were she not dead) would probably blame the Muslims… and just when everyone is beginning to agree that this is some kind of bio-weapon: and pulling out a conspiracy handbook, and trying to link Lynn de Rothschild with the Knights of Malta….
To add a bit of spice to the mix, not only was Dr Plummer linked to the lab which was the centre of various Chinese spy scandals, but he had brain surgery to implant electrodes to control is ‘alcohol misuse disorder’….
We could speculate about kill switches, or the Kenya connection, or a whole manner of other things….
But, what is weird, given the current goings on, is that the death of Dr PlummerAIDs reasercher, a man who helped develop the cure for H1N1 and SARS — is only deemed news worthy in Canada.
And what is it about Canada?
Last month they had a load of scientists killed in a Ukrainian jet ‘crash… now they being implicated in stolen viruses, and have a dead AIDS researcher.
If they are not careful Canadians will find themselves interesting.

Coronavirus Spreading, But Rumours Contained

As the Coronavirus continues to spread the Chinese are stepping up their efforts.
Let’s see what they are up to today.

Brick Up All Windows and Doors, Just To Be On The Safe Side
Which is clearly a perfectly reasonable response. As is the new policy of repeatedly punching a woman in the face. Death is the punishment for spreading the virus internationally or setting up road blocks, or blocking transportation systemsa bit of a Catch 21 situation there (don’t you think)….
As is the problem that the viruseven when cured — can reoccur…. don’t ask how I know, you’ll just have to shout ‘liar’ for a week, or so, until the ‘media’ gets round to finding out stuff… some infected people have relapsed three and four times. But on the bright side there is an actual cure, in the sense of the disease stops reoccurring, you just have to put up with organ damage.
Speaking of the four horsemen of the apocalypse, spare a thought for the bus drivers who transported 83 people from RAF Brize Norton to be quarantined on the Wirrel, Merseyside: a journey of 179 miles.
It seems a bus driver in Japan has caught the virus showing Chinese tourists the sights. And in Wuhan, He Hui, a volunteer driver for medical staff, has died. But don’t panic, the buses used to transport the people 179 miles have been thoroughly cleaned, and those using them will find no Opal Fruits wrappersyay they have brought back the lemon ones….
Having condemned myself to 15 years for pointing out the above… I feel it my duty to stand in solidarity with the Philippine Senator, Tito Sotto, who “despite credible information” decided to play a YouTube video in parliament that blames George Soros, Bill Gates and the CIA for the outbreak… or to put it another way… to blame those behind the impeachment of Donald J Trump.
Not that there is any truth in Mr Sotto’s claims. It is a wild conspiracy. Everybody knows Alex Jones said it was Trump who released the virus, and not, as vertically-challenged Bloomberg news would have you believe, an accident.
On second thoughts, I won’t stand with Mr Sotto. In fact I will distance myself from him. There is a no evidence that Bill Gates wants a reduction in world population. And, George Soros is a lovely man. And, this ‘flu’ is no laughing matter. It’s very serious…
We only have twelve years left to live, unless we change our ways and adopt the Green future. If only the Chinese government would cut their greenhouse gas emissions… if only there were some way… if only Greta’s dreams were not being snatched from her by all those evil old people….
Speaking of India, I notice they have adopted a thoroughly racist policy of cancelling all visas (so get out) for anyone who has been to China recently. What can they be thinking? I mean it’s just the flu. And look at how healthy the Indians currently in quarantine are.
Kerala — a place most Americans can’t find on a map — has declared an emergency. And, told anyone who has been to China not to leave their homes for 28 days…. a bit of a Catch 23 situation there (don’t you think)…
Now you might think that being locked up in your own home for 28 days would be annoying. But it turns out the Chinese are loving it.