Why Trump is Correct on the Need for Big Data


#amwriting #poem #poetry - Between Us Two

Between Us Two

My love and I still smile when kissing;
secure to know we have no dog.

For in that falling moment, lightness,
bright as each I we plucked in wooing.

We assume the blind; we float in joy;
at the every very weakness, weighed in light.

Bercow Heads For The Exit



#amwriting #poem #poetry - The Wall of My Childhood Bedroom

The Wall of My Childhood Bedroom

More blue:to hold this flick of tongue
that like a lizard basked on stone.

More blue: in dusted memory turns
to play as smoke in shafted sun

so soft a wrist now pressed; more blue:
against all summers brighter, then.

#McCann Hacked Off at #Amaral