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it seems shiela has really gone and done it this time
    not only has she decided that sex is the best thing since sliced onions
       he laughs at this reference to shakespeare
    and produces a hand written draft
    he has written in response to something or another
    in this or that
    literary magazine

'response is never useful' I casually observe
    sipping a raspberry milkshake with a hint of coffee
    among the ice

oh know I am wrong
and we get it both barrels
with all the smoothness of imitated early elliott

as he reads a bus drools by time drips people do what people do
    pass unobserved on the most part
        certainly in art
        unless it is a low budget film
        when the same faces circling a window
        draws attention to the hair lip
        or the third extra in search of stardom

what do you think he asks
     is it not ts elliott
does it not stand alongside the literary greats
     will it be banned
I do so hope so

blood drips from the toes of the elegant woman at the next table
    her shoes are perfect for her style
       she leans over and thanks him for reading
       'poets must bleed or their words mean nothing' she says
            dangling her shoe
            adding to the puddle on the floor

            they exchange cards
            in the style of kindred spirits
            with an english degree of a certain age

while he is not looking
     I take his poem
          and eat it

his reputation must be protected

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