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let us go lets us go let us wander to and fro
let us harvest reap and sow let us go           let us go lets us go let us take a room
like naked children on the beach                 for morning playtime
telling jokes we cant repeat
                                                                     feel once more the thrill of flesh
                                                                     as we sip chilled cheap champagne and cider
        two worn shoes tongues hanging out
        imprinted souls from the nights pressed together
                   looking towards the lunchtime pensioner deals
                   tucked beneath the horse brasses
                   with a half a stout
                   dyspepsia pills and cold ham olives and chips
                   dismayed by the builders language at the bar
                   cheeky hand on bandaged knee 
                                                                   lets us sing let us sing let our mingled voices ring
                                                                   let us yang and let us ying lets us sing
                                                                   like carols in a round
 let us sing let us sing let us celebrate       from the hymnal we have found
     the lives of our boys and of their wives
                                                                    be grateful
                                                                     for our time      and small mercies  of the bouncing offspring spawned
          of the children whom we warned
            that they would be the ones
            who carry shuttle run around and all around
         but never did regret
         all the heartache that was spent
     with each sniffle broken bone shouted joy
     and shouted moan of their lives                                     lets us go let us sing let us