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 now and then

she takes a bottle of special brew with me
promises a plucked pheasant in return
it's not necessary
                           drawn by the sun
I cycle to the river
down the chalk chipped road
tyres popping mudguards pinging
she sits alone
                     she sits alone to drink
always three bottles to calm the slab
facade of her body
                              she sits alone
by the rise of the cut the crucifix
taken from the church a gold bejeweled
child that will not suckle or confort
at her breast
                     will you take another
I ask clearing the winnings from the machine
pocketing the profit refeeding
the stake
              I sit with her
the fruit knife lies in the grass
it's tip red two swans
break a heart promenade jesus
turned from the river
                                 she takes another
and crisps promises a plucked pheasant