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soft centre

the ward is surgically unthreatening
rubber soled squeak
high backed support chairs
hold the condemned erect
   amid the tea cups and grapes
   low voices hum with the light

through the window grey sky
lifts the sparse cheer of the crowd
looking down he sees a forward
stretch, miss, slide past the post

taking another untouched roses
he wonders whose blood is in the drip
is it draining her
                          it's boring

      worst christmas ever

a trolley comes round
                                visitors coo
   bandying cliches to lift the mood
'oh I shouldn't' 'it'll do you good' 'one won't hurt'

                       embarrassed he is caught
   holding sweet papers to the light
   seeing the world strawberry dream

the papers join the pile in his pocket

half time, the paint flaked main stand empty
   two seagulls strut the turnstile roof
a solitary groundsman sows sand in the centre circle

      worst christmas ever

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