#poem #poetry #amwriting redefining the sonnet

redefining the sonnet

today we are going to rewrite the sonnet
but before that - I want say something about attendance -
which has been very good - the sonnet -

oh and before we go on - we've only got fourteen lines -
so if anyone wants to complain about meter
or half rhymes - or thinks they can write this better

speak now or forever rust in pieces - the sonnet
should have a theme - but then all poems should
- and should not rely on saying tits and bums

you groovy cats - I'm a beat poet - or a woman -
blah blah - oh yes - the sonnet - no 59 -
to the dark lady on the perils of tobacco smoking -

oh you can read that yourself - ummm - test papers
in by the end of week - make everything literal -

The Blue Book