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this poem stands accused
of not being left wing - rhyming - trying to sing
being a thing - not rhyming - being to white
and too male - and not checking privilege
being beyond the pale - provoking thoughts
and feelings - challenging mores - standing
up for the poor - and not hating tories -
expressing a soul - filling a hole - not
conforming -

this poem stands accused
of speaking to the dead and up for the dying
for those who love jesus - and a world
that is crying - it condemns the warmongers
and those in the know - it reaps what it sows -
and loves stoney ground - it weeps - it swears -
profound is for dullness - the dull are the dreary
this poem stands up for the tired -

this poem stands accused
of making jokes - pricking the pompous
of not caring - being interesting -
that code word for shit - kitsch - genius -
now read mine - generic - hating - baiting -
stating - mating - feteing - gating - berating
and crap

this poem stands acussed
of being with the one per cent - paying rent -
wearing suspenders under a work suit -
eating organic - torturing frogs - hoisting a flag -
carrying bags - hypocrisy - not listening to morrisey
since he left the smiths

this poem stands accused

The Blue Book

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