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you mustn't say that of the mentally ill
there's profits at stake pushing them pills
and cock and ball torture we give them at will
please don't scare the horses

I know your only saying what you feel
but I've read some books and watched TV
your experience to me doesn't seem real
you're just trying to scare the horses

now if you're depressed you just need to smile
I know that's it hard - it might take a while -
but really this works you just need to try
and we've only got ten sessions

you're at it again stirring the pot
expressing those things we wish you would not
there's funding at stake - which to us means a lot
in staff wages for these sessions

so be a good chap and just take these drugs
don't read the label they're just teething bugs
you might get psychotic hide under a rug
but at least you'll be warm, safe and drugged

The Blue Book