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the real cost of inflation

the bore at the bar is talking
pinch-nosed words
of his concrete eyed view

and all the pub listens
for we have no choice

it's simple he says agree
                         with me
come see the world darkly
of which I see
                for I dream
that will set you free

and all the pub listens

his view is of the fashionable
there was no history before
                   nineteen eighty
when we escaped eden
and entered the sewers

and I want to say were you there
                          with nasal tones
                          and shaven hair
                              your manbag
hirsute chin neatly trimmed
                               in a quim

but of course he wasn't
which is why talks
of representation proportional
but forgets
we voted for that and rejected it

he drones as I leave
he's still droning still

The Blue Book

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