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bushmills, though I prefer jameson

I used to go out drinking with an irishman
   and play paul mccartney in ira pubs
'are you english or an englishman' they'd ask me
   what the fuck
can't I tap my foot to the fiddle like you

we'd have a few - and when he forgot he was born in hull
    he'd get all sentimental for danny bouy
and draw on a beermat his lines of advance
      great sweeping lines they were

          up they'd come from donegal, monaghan
sligo and leith
                    dancing jigs like on the somme

and I used to say to him 'oo you foiten'

he din't know, or din't care
stick a bomb in bin, blow up a kiddie
what the fuck - we'd had a feu

he's been to confession
I've had a wank
and the cat still visits the queen

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