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I've been scribbling again...

Poems in 140 characters or less....


 It's an odd feeling for a bald poet
 to perform
 at a fringe event
 No woman
 has to justify
 her fringe status
 at the main event


 a smile
 an unfinished equation
 of a unstated enumeration.
 A heart is less than three.
The language of trolls
lacks beauty in it's precision
 things unseen
 like likes -
oh you read it -
like likes -
give me more -
like casual hellos
from people you sort of know -
but don't.

 what is without
 and yet within
 the bounds
the limit
black sweetened bruise
and folded
wrinkle born


 Remind me not to read of rape
with six year old eyes agape
 over my shoulder peeping
'Look dad, that's Leeds'


 laden ice
 gouged this out
 and there it lay
 'til railway
came for fresh air
 to splash
dirty brass
 on morish villas


bluebell chimes
 the knell
 of morning

in sunlight laughing

 to sand
and spades
 we turn
 of Christmas paper