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 clearing the mind

I'm not really interested in imagistic poetry
we can all make shopping lists
what interests me more is the meaning of words

I can let it all hang out with the best of them
but it doesn't do much for the language

in my opinion there is far too much of it
wow man look at me using shopping lists
don't you feel the rhythm of the streets

it's fine for native advertising or holiday brochures
but it doesn't really tell you much

what's the point of going on journey
when you've already been told what you'll see
may as well stay at home with larkin

but the archaic form of meat
now that is a meal - all meals  in fact -
just don't tell vegetarians there quite upset alredy

or the true meaning of a sentence
with all it's all it's ominous weight

no wonder I feel so free
rejecting all the rules of grammar
and refusing to be caged

oh no there's nearly a rhyme
lock me in the tower

I must look up the entomology of tower
I'll wager it doesn't mean what the literalists say
but then nothing does

which they love the shopping list
and the imagistic poem

The Blue Book