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the other day I noticed this woman -
chin cocked - hip handed - hair swept -
tits up and out - and this bloke
with a camera held like burning paper -

in the time it took me to walk from
                           oxfam to wh-smith
    they still hadn't taken the bloody photograph

but then there was no point
   she had her clothes on -
and posed as she was
there nothing about her to see -
   it would have been a vag shot
   in some poor internet collection
in the which the woman goes from three piece suit
                                                    to lens up her legs
- cos supposedly that's her best side

she might as well of drawn her eyebrows on in blue pencil
   and died her hair peroxide hay -
at least the picture would have had some interest -
    - working out if she was a tranny -

                                                but -

she was thrilled with result
threw her arms around him

- I felt sorry - 
    for all the fake orgasms
    and the holidays on the costa bravo
    and the drive to lakes with his hand on her knee

that she wouldn't even let him record her true self
                                       in a bloody phoneygraph

The Blue Book