#poem #poetry #amwriting hurray for gays

hurray for gays

oh dear - I knew this would happen -
the irish have gone gay -
and now the papers are lecturing us
about irish progressives
and english backwardness -
but then the papers are always lecturing us
about english backwardness -
it's amazing the english have the wit to read it -
which they don't -
preferring to bide their time
and stick up two fingers when voting -
which is in effect what the irish have done -
but having acting like englishmen
- to the diktats of the church -
it is of the utmost import to state
the hibernian nature of the revolution -
that each declan and connor
sinead and philomena
are as true to history - as wb yeats -
oh - and in true irish fashion -
if you don't agree with the vote
you can leave the country -
and everyone must rejoice

The Blue Book