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clearing the mind

the more I write - the more I struggle with language -
on the one hand to stop over-using words
and on the other to find new words to use
- which is hardly an original statement -
but very little is original - only altered slightly -
and needs to be seen in the whole context -

and what is a poem -

is it something something that has clarity
explanations at every turn - or is it opaque -
or is both and neither - and about what is not said -

oh but one must be clear with language
and in doing so make the reader see

and you mustn't play tricks
or alter the perception of the reader
of the expected

but to back up - sorry <goto 1>

my jihad - kampf - struggle - well rather light tustle
is that despite the silly rules of grammar
language has very clear and defined patterns of speech -
that for reason get completely ignored
the moment it is written on paper -
hence why a speed reader can skin a book in minutes
and claim to have read it -
or indeed a poetry buff can skin a poem
and claim to have understood it on first reading -

though to be fair
if one is being precise and clear - and unambiguous -
a first glance is all that is required
since there is nothing more to see

and hence the struggle

to make the poem free
and breathing
and possibly attracting the ire of the jealous

whilst maintaining the rules of speech
and not grammar

The Blue Book