#poem #poetry #amwriting sticking it to the white man

sticking it to the white man
                                               I hate blacks
that's why I eat at macdonalds
and vote for blatter
   drink coke
and cheer every bangladeshi
   that dies in qatar

any who defy me
I condemn as colonialists
ridicule them
   as anglo - or white -
it doesn't really matter
the kick backs the same

                                wait - wait -
    kia want a mention
for their low price cars
   as do budweiser
      for who in a bar
doesn't want women
   in skimpy shorts
   dead eyed and available

and it's quite obviously racist
    that lorreta lynn
        should be after us
            what does a coal miner's daughter
             know about tv deals

(yeah I know it's not the same person
but when you are a racist criminal
it helps to spread the guilt around)

bloody nigger
    (and yes I know she is not a nigger
but if you have your hand in the till
and a black woman comes calling -
and your premise of power is based on shifting sand -
without foundation -
it's best to blow a dog whistle
to bring the idiots on board)
    how dare she hold us to account

come on fifa
come on fifa
let's go offshore

The Blue Book