#poem #poetry #amwriting on the royal birth

on the royal birth

I shan't buy a mug nor wave a flag
or run excited naked through the streets
my life won't change - rearrange -
in fact nothing about it will have the slightest effect
                                                                         on me

but I am glad that a child has been born
and I'll not succumb to the fascist wittering
of those dullards who hate the royals
and complain
oh how they complain
that this child will not want when others do

yes that's true

but neither will the thousands
dragged up in the gutter
be helped in the slightest by wantons
who mutter and carp and bleat
and express their sad lives in jealousy

and so congratulations to kate and princess will
and their son - what-his-name -
who will no doubt have his nose put out of joint
                                                            by a sister

The Blue Book