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he's not speaking today
a pad of post-its and a fountain pen with itallic nib
is his preferred medium of communication
despite everything
he has standards

I don't apologise
my explanation gets a little rambled

rambles a little further

a four by four rams into the window of the jewellers
machete wielding attackers fill their boots
a police helicopter hovers
shoppers wrestle with the police
and the gang
an elephant fires tear gas from it's trunk
aliens fire hail stones
the world explodes into strawberry bonbons
all matter breaks down into soap bubbles
the price of gas reflects the retail price
tesco give me £6.21 off my next shop if I spent forty pounds

he pushes a post-it at me
'nothing inspires me' it reads
a second follows
'the world is too dull'

a small boy starstruck asks for his autograph
it seems in the alternate future
his poem in this and that magazine
was world changing
a splash
the drop in the bucket

I feel worse now than ever

if only I'd get my mouth shut
swallowed my words
and not his

what do I really know
he is the man with an english degree of a certain age
not me
he is the man with shiela and elliott
not me
not me

but he

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