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skint, I had enough money to get into see jules
and have a drink
I was yet to adopt the face
so when a whore accosted me, with a sob story,
out came a my change, looking for 20p,
and by the time she cackled into the night
I had enough money to get to see jules

I learned the face
and when she tried it again
I just said 'you've done me before'
and we had a laugh

or when I'd had enough of debt collectors
and ended up at linfield mount
I couldn't lie when asked how I felt
'fucking ace'
well you would on an overdose of anti-depressants

change your number
advised the police
and it was all over

but that's bradford i'n't it

it's a shithole
why lie

and the hills are hard work

but like that old woman
I used to see every morning
with a mouth which held too many fags
it's honest
you can't help loving it

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