#poem #poetry #amwriting #aketchbook Wanting to Die

Wanting to Die

To those who have gone beyond
and woken to find themself there
death holds no fear it never had.
We all make mistakes.
We all look at gargoyles in churches
and then read the guidebook in wonder,
that anyone should question
or even bother to seek explanation.
Just make sure, if you're a woman,
to wait a few days before being found:
it's not so important for a man.
But, try to be drunk, and try to discern
between the pleasure of the idea
of not being, and who might find you.
If you have children,
unless you wish to scar them
best not to be found hanging from the banister.
In fact it's probably best,
if you have children,
to not take a direct route, but set a moral lesson:
like smoking, or drinking spirits,
or driving too fast. Though driving too fast
might be exciting, and give you a desire to live;
so best make it driving recklessly.
And wear clean underpants.