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flanagan and allen

and this year the children are - point ought six - cleverer
and two sangwiches stoopider - in old money

last night the sea rose four inches
- and then went out again -
but I still waved the placard
handed to me by an earnest man
   who if he had ever found the slightest hint of god
      would have devoted his life to the sandwich board

I'm a millionaire - off the app I wrote
that makes people believe they are a kardashian
(not that I know who they are)

ok I'm being sued
   since the timeline on the app
   is 1915
       and lot's of folks are being herded into syria?
(excuse my up-speaking)
- at any moment I will break into vocal fry
- for the sex change I am not about to have -
- in order to promote the book
I am going to write - or have written for me -
- about how women have it bad -
and my decision to hang onto my medals


- did you hear me in tuscany polly -
it's the genuinely poor talking

no I thought not

and you can fuck off mr staines

The Blue Book