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sketches on the train


today is the first day of june
it's raining without rainbows
grey without sunshine
or a hint of blue
and the days stretch past ten


how sad the shriveled bluebell stalks
out shone by primroses on our walk
through the woods of outstretched ferns
noting the change as the year turns
these briefest flashes of woodland flowers
the lime green spikes at the tips of fir
gamboling   lambs on the way to slaughter
once submerged rocks proud out of water
how sad the shriveled bluebell stalks
shaded by leaves on woodland walks


counting the tunnels to baildon
outgrown cuttings nettled
thick as the brown stone country bridges

it is not a journey of beauty
slipping past at the gallop

an old pallet sits atop
an unlit bonfire
in a clearing

and a solitary golfer
tests himself
against the sweeping rain


The Blue Book