#poem #poetry #amwriting divine comedy - canto 12

canto 12

night falls silent
or half stilled from that refrain
of cars and crush
the humming electric wire
the duller billboard of desire

but now it is too dark
amid the glow of the orange bark
to fully see my majesty
mere mortal pictures fail
to record this divine expression
desperate for grace and favour
barely shown
and never seen
as faceless now as in life

captured in the crowd on film
a visage hidden
that never rioted
of sliced a land lady with a knife
I might rattle my chains
to cry aloud in despair
but for all my want of formless frame
to escape your frightened stare

I linger here more unseen
than when keen to clamber for recogition
however slight
at best I'm a weird inconvenience
at worst I am forgotten true
for want of brass admiration
within one week
I'm the problem for those whose reality
is built on the elixir of eldorado

The Blue Book