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joy division

fuck I used t'....

well fuck isn't the right word
for the fifteen wanks I could get through

potentially fuck is better
imaginatively fuck is more precise
though actually fuck doesn't come into it
                              when you are thirteen
                                              and wanking

                                            it's more a case
of seeing if you can hit the wall above the headboard
                                  and after six or seven
                                     seeing if your balls have anything left

but when all of that is out of the way
you would scan the transistor

we were more open in those days
                                      before t'internet
you might find yourself drifting off to sleep
                                             with radio berlin
                                                      or moscow
                               or some whacky dutch dj

and it wasn't until the signal changed
or the announcer started talking
that you realized you were a cold-war traitor
                                                                     a degenerate
a self radicalized lover of bavarian oompah music

thank god for social media

                                         at least it ensures
we never hear something new

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