#poem #poetry #amwriting divine comedy - canto 3

canto 3

we walk together through the fields
hand in hand touching souls
our eyes aglow like falling rain
when moonlight seeps through the clouds
droplets illuminate the flowers

it is then I note
the brightest day
three sons ablaze
in cloudless sky

one shines brighter than the rest
serene the fire and so blue
and one so faint not for the eye
it's light shines from deep within
the third a comet in aspect
a bearding tail hanging down
it's stands upon the stranded prop
around it
the two rotate
and mesh and weave full shine together
changing colours as they go

for here again the melody
flowing forth like rivers crashing
when toward in estuaries
churning out in eddying circle
forward round then back to sykes
that form in moment
break to becking brooks and streams
ripple up to inlet tide
to barely themes
of mass and motion
keeping time
for wind turned cocks to hold direction
sublime in time of rhyming chimes

and always at the horizon edge
stand powder trees of dusting green
swaying gently with the stillness
of those meadows in which we pass

we walk
with talk flowing through our fingers
experience held
and then let go
draining from us anxious secrets
that only we as akin may know

do not ask
my gentle reader
what was said as we stroll
for the visions in that higher plain
are meant
for my sense alone

The Blue Book

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