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what drowsy draws this leg to ache
from that first walking of the year
when brighter sun does winter break
to draw us out to take the air

there worn path still lead crowds
upward winding pleasant viewed
dark candles bright against the clouds
rekindled wrapped and seen anew

pattered children's voices cry
among the rocky waterfalls
leading onward to the sky
in answer tumbled water calls

flattened grass like seashells splayed
white blasted in exhaustion lain
brief seen a distant fox lopes away
it's coat drained black by recent rain


the winding herd low against the sky
wrapped against the glowering wind
drowsy drawn in upward climb


worn the path by feet as ours
onwards pattered children cry
to climb the rocks declared of power
by ring stones cut in history


the winding herd low against the sky
dark candles they pass along the ridge
drowsy drawn to tumble climb