#poem #poetry #amwriting the muslim's tale xvii

the skinned dog deamon's frame
bipedal stands to make the dare
around its ribs vortex flames
full taller than a bear it stands

and from its shoulders and its arms
writhing snakes of bronze abound
each snake a lingual razor sharp
each lash will slash a neck in half

where once had been the merchant's jaw
porcine teeth feed satan's maw
fed by hands with claws of brass
lacklustre'd worn to verdigris

all corruption of the earth assembled
embodied in this poisoned beast
that which may in evil slumber
female vengeance had unleashed

again the flames glow to ember
malevolent beats the devil's heart
unbound uncoils a pointing finger
that picks out ali from the crowd

in spiteful mirth it strikes a pose
from ear to ear it smirks a grin
then draws the world into a vacuum
and let's out pandemonium

down drops the curling scimitar
in dense quivers arrows fly
tacit buzzing fletching's sigh
in challenge of the fiendish cry