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Taking Tea With Dawkins

yesterday dawkins mjr called for tea
and after licking the cream - but leaving the jam - from a viennese finger
he began to lecture me about my view of god

for some known/unknown reason he began leafing through the bible
quoting passages about shellfish witches and frillies on men
and he seemed very taken with the semi-attempted killing of isaac

I took the opportunity - during his lecture - to eat all the ├ęclairs
- and after smearing chocolate into a suave moustache -
pointed out that his textual concerns were rather un-evolved...
on my branch no one bothered about that stuff anymore

up went a spluttering of darjeeling

'oh yes' I added

had he not spent his time with stuffed birds
laying them out in phyletic rows
he may have noticed the psalms and the sky
beyond the proscenium of the book