#poem #poetry #amwriting the muslim's tale v

past the dark hours - ali lay in bed
the cords of lotvia's music stinging
when first one hawk and then the next
petrified him to the spine by speaking

ali most faithful of all men said the first
sinful guilt has struck you foolish
do not hide my charity in that cave
I command you use it to it's fullest

most cursed of all men says it's neighbour
your servants serve you dutifully
spend thine wealth - buy a stallion
to display thy servants beautifully

along the cadge of resting hawks
each removing of companion's hood
came haggard croak of sage advice
alternate praise 'tween cursed and prized

when the last bird spoke - all was still
first hint of morning broke the hills
in golden carried angelic chorus
ali saw in halo - ibn koinos' house

but where could ali get a lamb
in payment for a consultation
with that old man of the mountain
brought to mind by revelation

rising he kneeled to pray at the call
thanking the most merciful of all
just two more lives he would take
a sheep for a lamb - for heaven's sake