#amwriting - A Letter to Charles Ortel in the Style of the Ladies Number 1 Detective Agency

Dear Mr Charles

Further to our correspondence of the 21st, I want to apologise for not replying sooner but I have been most busy with a very important divorce case.

Dr Mkazi is no longer employed at the Sunshine Clinic. Everybody told me that he had gone to Germany, but I learned from his Uncle Samuel that he is actually working in a nearby village on the estate of Mr Vazam.

I suspect the reason for the tale of his going to Germany is the disgrace his family feel at his no longer being a medical doctor. His Uncle Samuel would not say so with precision. I did not press his uncle's new wife on pertaining matters, as she is a slip of a girl, and I don't think she could have been more than a child when proceeding occurred.

Mr Vazam is an Indian gentleman with interests in the mining industry. I did not obtain access to his person, but I can assure you he is a man of good taste, he drives a BMW, and I do not believe he has involvement in the case: beyond his current employment of Dr Mkazi.

From the post office I have learned that Mr Vazam receives a lot of letters from a legal firm in Bombay. I have included photocopies of these letters that were awaiting delivery, so you may know the name of the firm from their embossed envelopes. I have further asked my friend the post-master to keep a record of correspondence. To which end I have provided him with a special notebook - invoice included - the book is a legal pad, and will therefore be acceptable in evidence in the event of legal proceeding.

Dr Mkazi is no longer calling himself doctor, and at present works in the farm office. His is employed in accounting and the payment of remittance.

I have managed to find three others in the district who took the drugs. Their families all deny they were infected. As I explained, on other occasions, such an admission would affect the marriage prospects of their other children. One mother told me her daughter was taking the medicine purely as a prophylactic.I realise I should not say this, as your people will think me rude, but this woman is very stupid. All the people in her village know her daughter died of AIDS. You may read it upon the death certificate, which I have obtained - invoice included - from my usual sources.

My calculation is that the number off people in this district who have died is 16: 3 from drug poisoning and the others not.

I have been unable to find the girl called Tabitha, in the photograph with Mr Clinton. I have heard rumours that she was eaten by a crocodile, but I cannot confirm this.

I shall be going to Serowe at the end of the month. Obviously I will pass back any information I gain from my cousin at the bank.


documents and invoice attached.