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At what point do you take things on board
and not buckle at the knees
for having to take them on board again?

Oh I know I am privileged for be laden:
I learned that with baked beans on toast
as we saluted the flag and our dear queen

must you pile them on again?

Wait a minute, while I check my genitals.
I'm sure I can find something down there
that gave me advantage, while you made daisy chains
and I had my head crushed by older boys.

The same older boys you married
and divorced
and built your portion of happiness.

But let's not talk of genitals -
how crude -
when I rolled stockings up my legs
and minced around in kinky shoes.
Did the flutter of your proto-penis stand on end?

I thought not.

Because of course you were reaching for the rabbit
in fulfillment of your role
while deleting all your business cards.

But I was hard.

And harder still.

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