#poem #poetry #amwriting Between Stations

Between Stations

intemperate frigid loved unlovely love
grasping with the sweating palms
sweating hard in chasing time
in reaching for the well kept wine
we crush the glass before we drink

what line may bind the larking flite
or ken to understand in song
scrolled litany unwind of those done wrong
by us - or others unappeased
frigid loved unlovely does not love nor care

unlovely let all be mud toed between the parts
of childhood we lived and forgot
when debonair was but gauche glanced
consequential free from following event
without the tape nor starting gun

or there beneath the arching shadow
bedded with untraveled tramp
unloved frozen by chilled fingers
of illuminate always lightened night
we may cling still unless we push

we might wake surprised to found
what yesterday blocked unkind
within us has within ourself out drunk
not applied the metaphor or smile
illiterate of all we fear to feel of dust

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