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the whole cannot hold the parts
so those adopted gain a focus
above their capacity to represent

it was not meant but as a jest
and certainly does not reflect
but still it grieves in lament

the truth now hidden should impart
a fulcrum for the spirit's locus
of monkey bear and dragonfly

can the desert be so dry
to drink the draining wind of rain
bleach all bones to sand

hand painted placards wave
around the statue of the grave
re-erect the songs of slaves

for in just this face which in lament
is said to truely represent
all mankind no visage is produced

your shoes to high for me to walk
my eyes to dull for you to see
in my heart I carry thee

be strong and brave as the sun
and shine and shine and always run
from the wolf that haunts you

sugar the blade with respect
rot the teeth of infant creeping
unsuspecting of the fool

The Blue Book

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