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lunch on the go

compared to my drooping sweating sandwich
   the noodles of mouse tugged by the kestrel
appear much sweeter - certainly he fears I want some -
    for with each greedy gulping beakful
    the pierrot painted eyes accusingly look my way -

despite the speed with which he eats
no gravy is spilled on his black buttoned dolman
   which perfectly suits the cherry brown strata
of his rock cafe - this kestrel may be common -
   and his lunch snatched in passing -
   with the briefest hover to check the menu
but he clearly has an etiquette to uphold -

indeed the tasty head is so delicious -
   - I assume that chunk was the head -
that he lightly passes wind with an ostentatious
   flaring of his tail-feathers -
which if nothing else - only proves that mouse
is superior to drooping sweating sandwich

The Blue Book

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