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a couple of things based on the prompt weddings - and something found in my notebook -


 on the first evening when my shadow
is longer than the night
three people hustle past complaining
in accents custom built for complaint

instead of drunks drinking on pavements
they want an ornate square
neat tables - wicker backed chairs -
and a little pernod and water

I would listen - if only to laugh -
but the tulips have been weeded
from the flower beds and tubs
- summer is officially here


as the youngest of nineteen cousins
I was always wearing velvet bow ties
and checked flared trousers - creased for shaving -
occsaionally I would carry a train - to supplement
my diet of cake and sneaked whiskey -
I would marvel at edna rolling fags one-handed -
sat with my clan - within the clique
fenced in by past wrongs -
of which I had no understanding -
for to me aunt so-and-so was the one who made me smash
I didn't care about the elephant's foot umbrella stand -
but duty is duty
so I smiled politely - played my role -
and drank beer from the back of an uncle's hand


she was married up the registry
away from prying eyes
and only invited those she liked
which did not deter the spies
who hung around the flower beds
to gossip throughout the pictures
about the bulging wedding dress
let out by fifteen stitches



The Blue Book

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